🍊 Diverse Citrus Varieties Cultivated in Pakistan: A Tapestry of Flavors! 🌿

Discover the rich array of commercial citrus varieties thriving in the vibrant fields of Pakistan:

Sweet Orange Varieties:
– Succri
– Mausami
– Washington Navel
– Jaffa
– Red Blood
– Ruby Red
– Valencia Late

Mandarin Varieties:
– Feutrells Early
– Kinnow

Grapefruit Varieties:
– Mash Seedless
– Duncan
– Foster
– Shamber

Lemon Varieties:
– Eureka
– Lisbon Lemon
– Rough Lemon

Lime Varieties:
– Kaghzi Lime
– Sweet Lime

Known as the king of easy peelers, Kinnow stands out globally for its exceptional qualities. Export figures have surged consistently, with approximately 0.15 million tons exported from Pakistan in 2004. Boasting a remarkable juice content ranging between 44% to 47.5%, Kinnow holds the highest position among easy peeler varieties. With a sugar content of 12–13% and a generous dose of 20-25 mg of Vitamin C per 100ml, Kinnow is a nutritional powerhouse.

The Sangtra:
A connoisseur’s delight, The Sangtra traces its origins to the foothills of the Himalayas in Asia. Once considered a luxury, it is renowned as a sweet orange and is available for a limited period, from December 15 to January 15.

Known for its delightful sour taste, Malta brings a unique twist to the citrus spectrum. While not falling into the easy peel category, Malta graces the market from November to February.

A small-sized, easily peelable fruit popular in Pakistan. Despite being well-received locally, its export potential remains untapped. The Fruiter season kicks off in November and lasts till January.

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