The KKZ International Trade Company is one of the world's leading providers of supply chain solutions.

KKZ International Traders is Pakistan based company that aspires to offer best quality fruits, vegetables and other consumable items to our expatriate community as well as other customers from around the globe. Our selected fresh fruits have unique taste and exotic flavours – you may have never tried. We achieve our quality through rigorous selection of best farms and partners who share our vision and mission for quality and taste. We deliver whole freshness anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Delivered Packages

We strongly support best practice sharing across our operations around the world and across various industrial sectors.

Countries Covered

As one of the world’s leading supply chain management companies, we design and implement industry-leading solutions.

Satisfied Clients

Morz applies its renowned operational expertise to provide best-in-class services across its integrated worldwide network.


Empowering global agriculture, we strive to be the foremost exporter of premium fruits, vegetables, and agricultural products. We collaborate across the supply chain to deliver freshness, quality, and sustainability, unlocking value for our customers.


Aspire to be the trusted global leader in agricultural exports, setting standards for quality and reliability. We envision a future where our commitment to excellence fosters growth, while contributing positively to communities and the environment.


Customer satisfaction is our priority, upheld through integrity, quality, and sustainable practices. We believe in collaborative partnerships, innovation, and global citizenship, fostering a culture of respect, adaptability, and continuous improvement.

Ethics and Compliance

KKZ International Trade, we are dedicated to conducting our business with the utmost integrity, recognizing and respecting diverse cultures, and upholding the dignity and rights of individuals across all nations. Aligned with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we wholeheartedly endorse the principles it encompasses. Our unwavering commitment extends to the adherence of fundamental labor and environmental standards, reflecting our dedication to ethical practices and compliance in every facet of our trading operations.

Quality Standards

KKZ International Traders is to source and deliver the finest, freshest fruits, vegetables, and consumable items to our global customers, fostering an unparalleled experience with unique flavors and superior quality. Through meticulous selection of top-tier farms and partners who share our passion for exceptional taste and uncompromising quality, we aim to bring forth the essence of freshness to every corner of the world.

First things first

All the aspects of our work processes, organization and operations are oriented towards our customers’ needs.